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Last updated: January 2010

/ 6 pages home page - helping you to help out give feedback register today sitemap services available (general)
doctor/ 3 pages docu-doctor - technical and editorial online support docu-doctor - how it works docu-doctor - standard fees and discounts
howler/ 1 pages howler-checker - proofreading service for development aid professionals
cvboost/ 2 pages cv-boost - marketing yourself for employment cv-boost tips
feedback/ 1 pages feedback received
helper/ 6 pages meet Chris publications contact details your hidden helper paper - TVs and Tomatoes paper - the Ants and the Cockroach
money/ 4 pages discounts and special offers payment mechanisms terms and conditions money matters - index
extra/ 7 pages useful links PDF pages - easy to print, easy to save extra info - index recommend track changes - explanation credit100 books - recommended reading
xpub/ 7 pages
xsuppub/ 2 pages

Note: there are more pages within miniAID, many of which are from earlier versions of the site. If you wish to enter the EXPLORE DEVELOPMENT section, intended to give beginner-guidance about development issues, and left unfinished, then go to and then follow the links from the menu on the left.