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Register with miniAID

Register now. Before I can accept assignments from you, you will need to register your details. You can do this anytime, but it is in your interests to register now, so that if and when you need my assistance, there will be no unavoidable delays.

If you register now, while the $75 discount for first-timers is being offered (for docu-doctor and howler-checker assignments), your discount is guaranteed. You will be able to use it at any time, partially or fully, against your first assignment(s), for as long as I am providing this miniAID service.

Be assured: I will not share your details with anyone unless you authorise me to do so. I do not normally contact members except to respond to emails received. If at any time you wish me to remove your details from registration, please advise me of this by email, or via the form below.

Although the following information is not required for registration, please enter it now to save time later on:

Thank you. Once you have completed at least all the sections required (marked with a *), please click the SUBMIT button below. I will respond personally, usually within 24 hours, to the email address you provide (please check your spam-box, in case it arrives there).

... or ...

Please click the SUBMIT button to send in your application.
The ENTER key has been disabled on this page, to help those who, experience shows, mistakenly try to type ENTER when they want to move on from one element of the form to the next.

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