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Give Feedback

Help me to help others better.

Every assignment will be a learning experience for me, so the more feedback I get, the better. Please respond honestly. Don't just say everything was wonderful: I want to know how to make things better.

Please answer as many questions as you wish, and I will particularly welcome your comments or suggestions, in any order, in brief or in detail, in the comments section at the end.

Overall work quality (overall quality) :
       very bad   bad   ok   good   very good  

Timeliness of work (the extent to which work was completed in time) :
       very bad   bad   ok   good   very good  

Communications (the quality of the communications between us) :
       very bad   bad   ok   good   very good  

Value for money (for what you got, was it a fair price or not) :
       very bad   bad   ok   good   very good  

Usefulness of website (to what extent was the website useful and informative) :
       very bad   bad   ok   good   very good  

Administrative aspects (did all the paperwork, payments, etc. work out ok for you) :
       very bad   bad   ok   good   very good  

Thank you for your time. If you would like me to phone or Skype-call you, so you can advise me in more detail of your thoughts or suggestions for improvement, please let me know in your COMMENTS box.

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