copyright © 2006
Chris Whitehouse, Cornwall, UK
updated: 30th December 2010

Proviso on Availability

I am normally available seven days a week. Working from home I can enjoy the freedom of taking days off when things are quiet or on those rare days when the sun shines. In the event I know I will be away for a period of time, I will indicate this in the 'availability' box on the home page.

Note, however, that I cannot guarantee the validity of my availability statement. If I lose my internet connection, or suffer a long-term powercut, or my computer is stolen, or I am rushed to hospital, I may be unable to adjust my 'availability' statement on the home page.

Therefore please regard this as advisory, especially if the 'updated' date on the home page indicates that many days have passed since I last accessed my website.

You can confirm my availability any time simply by dropping me a quick email along the lines of 'Just checking - are you still alive and online?'

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