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bullet1 Learn about development issues, and explore the challenges facing the people in developing countries.

bullet1 Pick up tips and advice on how one can offer small-scale assistance to disadvantaged individuals and communities in less developed countries.

bullet1 How can I be a more responsible tourist? Find out here.

bullet1 Discover what we can do to make a difference. A little can go a long way.

bullet1 Share your ideas and experiences on development.

bullet1 And much more…

Explore the Who's and How's of development
Learn about the main actors in the development game: the United Nations agencies, the non-government organisations (NGOs) and charities, governments, religious bodies, civil society organisations, the private sector, and individuals. Find out how projects and programmes are managed, how we can know if they are working well, and what can be done when things go wrong.

Delve into development - the Why's.
Why are the poor so poor? Why do famines hit certain communities so hard? What's the difference between an earthquake in Los Angeles and one in India? Why is Africa suffering so much from HIV and AIDS? And more...

How can you contribute to these development efforts?
What can you as a tourist do, to ensure local people benefit from the business you bring? What's the best way to respond when beggars come up to you, or when locals make friends and then ask for your help? What can we do when disaster strikes somewhere - an earthquake, a tsunami, or a famine, for example? A few pointers...

Practical suggestions.
Suppose your school/club/office/pub want to get involved in some small scale project, providing some equipment to a hospital in Zambia, or funding a literacy programme for a village in Nepal. How do you set about this kind of thing? What are the pitfalls to be avoided? How can you make sure that, as far as possible, you do it 'right'? Any ideas?

A practical guide for the beginner.
Maybe you have been moved by something you saw on TV. A disaster perhaps? Or are you going overseas for a holiday, or on a volunteer assignment, perhaps. Maybe you're thinking about a career in the development sector? Whichever, this can be your starting point.

A forum for discussion.
Do you have some opinions about development that you want to get off your chest? Maybe you want to ask about some aspect that you don't understand? Perhaps you would like to share your experiences, of a small project that worked well, or, just as usefully, one that didn't! Speak out. If you have something which you feel could usefully appear on this website, then please do contact us.

These are still early days for this website. It was set up in early November 2006, and it is hoped that week by week the site will grow, and there'll be more information provided. For a pre-view of the range of topics that may be addressed in this website, check out the 'Site Map'. And remember, your inputs, especially now, are most welcome! We welcome your comments and suggestions

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