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updated: 15th August 2011

Payment Options

Currencies: Fees are quoted in US Dollars for the convenience of the majority of clients, and will be invoiced in this currency unless you request otherwise. If you choose to pay in another major convertible currency, the exchange rate used will be the mid–market rate applicable at the date of invoice. If you prefer, we can fix rates, in advance, in the currency of your choice. If you fail to settle your account within 21 days, you may be liable not only to an interest charge, but also, a recalculation of the amount due, if the exchange rate has changed in your favour.

Payment can be made by bank transfers, sterling (UK) cheques, Western Union transfer, or online with debit/credit card through PayPal. In all cases, please inform me of any payment you have made, so I can confirm safe receipt. Note that VAT (valued added tax) is NOT charged or chargeable.

Transfers and Cheques: If you wish to transfer funds through bank transfer, Western Union money transfer, or with a regular UK pounds–sterling cheque, contact me about your proposed means of payment, and I shall provide the necessary details.

PayPal: PayPal enables credit– or debit– card payments to be made safely online. Your card details would not be revealed to me, as they are known solely to PayPal. Simply click the PayPal button below, which will guide you through the process.

NOTE: By sending me a document to work on, you are accepting the Terms and Conditions. It is therefore important that you read these first.

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