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Helping you to help out

Are you someone who cares about the poor, who wants to help make the world better, who doesn't have a PHD in development but wants to understand more? Not brainless, but just not very 'up' on the subject.

Are you toying with the idea of going into development yourself, as a volunteer, perhaps? Maybe thinking about starting up a project somewhere? Are you a tourist hoping to learn more from your destination country than just how many trinkets can fit in the newly prescribed hand-luggage dimensions?

See what's already happening 'out there' and 'over here', to help those from poorer nations lift themselves out of poverty. An idiot's guide for people who aren't idiots...

Find out how you can make a real difference...
using any of the following: developing countries aid your pen,    volunteer aid your voice,    sponsorship your talents,    third world your time,    Choices in development aid your cash,    miniaid chris whitehouse your knowledge,    Choices in development aid ...or just a sprinkling of common sense and enthusiasm ...

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space for third world development

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