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Howler-Checker service

Save your reputation, or even your job. Get your document cleared of those most embarrassing spelling or grammatical mistakes – what we call 'howlers'.

Choose from the following services: Economy (7-day), Standard (48–hour), Fast (24-hour), Super-Fast (< 24-hour), or Reserved Super-Fast (< 24-hour, and reserved minimum 1 day in advance).

Howler-Checker is a quality proofreading service for documents written in 'reasonable' English, i.e. with an average of no more than 50 significant errors per thousand words.

For as little as $10 + $0.85 per hundred words (or even less if you take advantage of the discounts on offer), I will remove the howlers from your document. Where possible, I will highlight also any paragraphs or sentences that are badly unclear or ambiguous, and suggest substitute text.

Howler-Checker proofreading options:
Economy Standard Fast Reserved
(not reserved)
Turn-Around time (max.) 7 days 48 hours 24 hours you set the deadline you set the deadline
Advance notice required None None None 24 hours minimum None
Max. size of document 200,000 words 80,000 words 40,000 words 4,000 words per hr, max. 40,000 per 24-hrs 4,000 words per hr, max. 40,000 per 24-hrs
Availability night-time 10 p.m. to 8 a.m., UK time No No No Yes, but surcharge and deposit payable No
(fixed charge plus charge per word)

$10 + 0.85¢/word

$25 + 1.00¢/word

$40 + 1.35¢/word

$50 + 1.50¢/word

$125 + 2.45¢/word
REFUNDS: In case of failure, 125% refund of all payment received, i.e. full refund + 25% as apology.

CALCULATE: Enter your document-size in the interactive worksheet for immediate calculation of cost.

DISCOUNTS: Check out the discounts now available on the above rates.

TAX: Note also that VAT (valued added tax) is NOT charged or chargeable.

The process is very straightforward (especially if you have already registered):

  1. Use the Interactive Howler-Checker Price Calculator (excel worksheet) to check (a) that your document will not exceed the maximum size for the time you will give me, and (b) that the likely cost is OK for you.
  2. Confirm my availability by sending me an email stating the service you have chosen and the size of your document; if you need a fast response, back it up with a supporting SMS text or phone call to my mobile.
  3. Send me your document as an attachment by email. Give any special instructions or requests in your cover email, along with your name, the country you are in, and whether and when I can phone you, in case I need to contact you regarding the document.
  4. If your deadline is tight, text (or phone) me on my mobile (see contact details) telling me to check my email. The clock starts ticking from NOW... (If you choose not to text or phone me, the clock starts when I open your email).
  5. Receive my acknowledgement. I will respond to your email, and advise you the amount that will be payable. (You can work out the cost from the worksheet mentioned in Step 1, above).
  6. The corrected script will land in your in–box. If, through no fault of yours, I fail to return the corrected document to you by the deadline agreed, I will refund you any advance you paid upfront plus another 25% as an apology.
  7. Any balance due is to be paid within 21 days of completion.

NOTE: By sending me a document to work on, you are accepting the Terms and Conditions; please read these.

TIP: In Microsoft Word, you can easily know the size (number of words) in your document: go to TOOLS, and click WORD COUNT. Or, you can go to FILE, and select DOCUMENT PROPERTIES, and select STATISTICS.

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