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TVs and Tomatoes - the Case for Multiple Objectives in Development Projects
HTML version (with a link to PDF version, 5 pages, 110 Kb, also provided)
Using examples from everyday life, this paper presses the case for multiple objectives, arguing that projects and programmes would be significantly more effective, more efficient, and more closely aligned to the needs of beneficiaries if more than one goal were sought, UK, 2008

The Ants and the Cockroach: A Challenge to the Use of Indicators
HTML version (with a link to PDF version, 16 pages, 277 Kb, also provided)
includes the response by colleague Dr. Thomas Winderl. Published in a book of selected articles, edited by Cummings, S., entitled Why did the Chicken Cross the Road, ISBN 90 6832 8492, KIT Publishers, Amsterdam, 2005

National Happiness: Universalism, Cultural Relativism, or both?
PDF, 30 pages, 355 Kb
Written collaboratively with colleague Dr. Thomas Winderl, this was published in Gross National Happiness and Development: Proceedings of the First International Seminar on Operationalization of Gross National Happiness, ISBN 99936-14-19-X, Centre for Bhutan Studies, Bhutan, 2004, page 389 - 408

Blue-Print for a Pre-Emptive Mission: HIV/AIDS in Bhutan
PDF, 4 pages, 255 Kb
YouandAIDS Magazine, p. 84, Volume 2, Issue 1, UNDP Regional HIV & Development Programme, New Delhi, August 2003

Learning from Experience: Community Mobilisation in Nepal
PDF, 72 pages, 1.2 Mb
UNV/UNDP Nepal, August 2001

UNVs bring volunteer spirit into communities in Nepal
PDF, 2 pages, 95 Kb
UNV Bonn, Germany, January 2001

Human Rights and Basic Needs in Development: Are they Universal? Are they Universalisable?
PDF, 71 pages, 370 Kb
Occasional Paper 06/96, Centre for Development Studies, University of Bath, UK, 1996

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