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Chris Whitehouse, Cornwall, UK
updated: 3rd January 2010

Let me help you with ...
- Technical aspects

- Result frameworks

- Logical accuracy

- Indicators

- Clarity of ideas

- Persuasiveness

- Conciseness

- Consistency

- Appropriacy of language

- Document structure

- Cogency of argument

- Acronyms & abbreviations

- Maths & stats

- Spelling & grammar

- Format & layout

- Anything else? Ask me

Docu–Doctor, for Editing and Technical Support

You are drafting a document. An evaluation report, perhaps, or maybe a project document. Perhaps it's a press release, or an internal report; maybe a letter, maybe a book.

Time is running out, and you could do with a hand...

I will be your right hand man. All you will need to do is to forward me your document(s), and I will help you create a document to be proud of.

More about docu-doctor:

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