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Docu–Doctor: money matters

A) Pay per hour or per day - the easy and flexible options

spacerbulletspacer Per hour: USD 72 (= approx £50 or €65)

spacerbulletspacer Per day: USD 445 (= approx £295 or €405) - minimum of three days

spacerbulletspacer Discount: available for repeat clients - see details

I only count the time spent actually working on your document, editing, proofreading, writing comments and advice on the document itself or in a covering email, and time spent discussing substantive issues on the phone, Skype, etc. I do NOT count time spent on administration, on initial enquiries, or on discussions regarding our working methods. Note also that VAT (valued added tax) is not charged or chargeable. See terms and conditions.

B) Fixed Charge Option
If you prefer, we can agree a fixed charge in advance, in US Dollars, Pound Sterling or Euros.

For this option, we need to be especially clear, from the start, exactly what will be required of me: you must provide me clear written instructions and/or a detailed Terms of Reference (TOR). Although I will try to accommodate any changes you may introduce to the original instructions, I reserve the right to refuse alterations, or to adjust the amount payable where additional expenditures or time will be required, or where deadlines are brought forward. Note also that VAT (valued added tax) is not charged or chargeable. See terms and conditions.

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