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Marketing yourself for employment

Free Guidance Booklet

Produced by UNV India office, with text-drafting support from miniAID, this booklet is targeted to National UNV volunteers in India, but could be useful to anyone who needs a few ideas on how better to market oneself for the employment market.

Using parallels from the selling of a motorcycle, the reader is offered practical guidance for the key steps in the search for employment: defining one’s hopes and aims, drafting a CV or résumé, developing one’s marketing strategy, reviewing job advertisements, tailoring one’s CV for a particular post, writing covering letters, following up on applications, attending interviews, and starting work.

The permission of UNV India office to allow this publication to be reproduced here is gratefully acknowledged.

  >>   DOWNLOAD NOW - 370 KB, PDF format, 38 pages A4
I am a top-class motorcycle -  how to market yourself for employment

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